Saturday, January 20 2018
10:26 am

Mitra Samudra Sejati


PT. Mitra Samudra Sejati is a dynamic independent marine consultant, training, ships management and surveying company, which provides the best service for marine offshore industry as client needs. We operate worldwide with skilled and experienced employees on every project.

With solid staff and management system supporting us, PT. Mitra Samudra Sejati (A TRULY OCEAN PARTNER ) is aiming to be among the best in providing expertise in offshore industry and merchant ship business. 

Our motto is clear: You Speak, We Fix.



PT. Mitra Samudra Sejati adalah sebuah konsultan marine yang independen, pelatihan, manajemen kapal, dan perusahaan survey yang menyediakan pelayanan terbaik dalam industri kemaritiman dan kelautan sebagaimana yang dibutuhkan oleh klien.

Dengan tenaga kerja dan manajemen yang solid yang mendukung pekerjaan kami, PT. Mitra Samudra Sejati fokus untuk menjadi pemberi pelayanan terbaik di industri kemaritiman dan kelautan. 

Motto kami sangat jelas: Anda Meminta, Kami Membereskan.

    Our Service

PT. Mitra Samudra Sejati provides service to the clients with the efficient and effective solution and placing safety as the main path in every project involved. The range of service


Missions & Goals

PT. Mitra Samudra Sejati is committed to give valuable contribution to the marine industry by ensuring absolute compliance with the international rules and regulation through